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TechnologTechnolog has over 30 years’ experience in providing solutions to water and gas utilities to facilitate the efficient operation of water & gas distribution networks and meter reading. As the global leader in water loss control through advanced pressure management, Technolog works closely with utilities to lower water loss, reduce main breaks, and lower pumping and chemical costs. Technolog has invested heavily in its range of innovative battery powered data loggers and electronic pressure controllers. Technolog operate two data centers responsible for collecting data from hundreds of thousands of sites every day. The data is quality checked, written to utilities’ corporate systems and can be viewed by logging into an application specific website. Technolog also provide direct support and training to customers on installation, commissioning and maintenance to ensure the products achieve optimum performance.

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The Cello4S Wireless Data Loggers

The Cello 4S is a fully integrated battery powered cellular data logger. Tens of thousands of Cellos have been installed throughout the world and Cello has become an industry standard for remote monitoring. The Cello 4S can be ordered with 2 to 8 inputs - two integral or external pressure transducers, pulse or 4-20mA. Recording intervals are fully programmable from 1 second to one hour, high and low alarms can be configured on each input channel to immediately signal abnormal conditions and upon an alarm event can be programmed to send data more frequently. Data from the Cello is collected on Technolog's WaterCore cloud-based software where the data is validated and sent to the utility’s corporate system.

The Cello 6S delivers Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) functionality. Fully compatible with commercial and industrial meters that provide a pulse output. Meter readings and profile data can be recorded at user-programmable intervals from 1 minute to 1 hour. Meter reading, user profile data and user consumption alarms are transmitted at regular intervals. Alarms are available as user-programmable high and low flow rate and daily consumption alarms, alarm on tamper detection and low battery alarm. The Cello 6S features a user-programmable index read time to allow all commercial and industrial meters to be read at the same time.


The Regulo Remote Pressure Controllers

The Regulo reduces "real losses" in the water distribution network by controlling the outlet pressure of a pressure reducing valve (PRV) to a preset level at off peak times. This proven methodology reduces "real losses", drives down the frequency of water main breaks and lowers energy and chemical costs. The Regulo can be retrofitted to any manufacture of PRV whether installed in the field already or for a new installation. The Regulo modulates the outlet pressure of the PRV in one of four methods: time, flow, closed loop or self-learning. The Regulo incorporates Technolog’s proven Cello cellular data logger technology to provide remote communications and over-the-air programming. Threshold and profile alarms are available for pressure, flow, etc. along with self-diagnostic alarms should any of the Regulo components go out of normal operating range. The Regulo provides fail-safe operation wherein if a failure should occur the PRV reverts back to its mechanical preset outlet pressure.

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