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SIEMENS Valve Positioners Webinar: Positioners for All Occasions

SIEMENS Positioners: The SIPART PS100, SIPART PS2, and Series 760E

Valve positioners are the interface between the control system and valves. They play an important role in ensuring reliability and optimal performance in your process control loops. SIEMENS offers you a choice to ensure an ideal fit for every application.

Webinar: SIEMENS Positioners for All Occasions. Presented by Ives Equipment

This 25 minute webinar will introduce you to the SIEMENS complete line of positioners, educate you on the configuration options, provide feature comparisons, and wrap up with a summary and Q&A.



SIPART PS100 is a smart positioner where reliable controllers are needed for for standard applications. Its ease and speed of initialization make it a winner for valve manufacturers, the chemical industry, the energy sector, and many other fields. The SIPART PS100 is available in two enclosure versions: aluminum or polycarbonate cover.



The SIPART PS2 has grown to become the most widely used positioner for linear and rotary actuators. Optionally available with Makrolon, aluminum, stainless or flameproof steel enclosure, the positioner is well-equipped for all ambient conditions. It has proved reliable in many valve control applications thanks to its diagnostics capability and extensive range of functions.

Series 760


The Series 760 Valve Positioners provide a cost effective universal approach to your valve control. Their modular concept allows all models to be built on the base pneumatic unit (Model 760P). The electro-pneumatic model (Model 760E) is created by adding an I/P transducer to the base pneumatic unit, and a wide range of accessories easily installs inside the unit.

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